Everything Matters

Everything Matters
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Eastland County Museum Blockbuster coming January 28

Please help us spread the word of this national exhibit coming to Eastland, Texas January 28 - March 14, 2015.

Here is a trailer produced for us by the Art and Media Graphics department at Tarleton University. They are also producing a documentary of interviews with area Veterans, some of which are included in the trailer.

More info here: olos.info

More detailed information will be released soon!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Council Bluffs...a foggy message earlier today

Council Bluffs stirs to life this morning, wanting to spin out a second story…

Heavy ghostly fog moves stealthily like a thief through its valley before sunrise today, through the trees, across its quiet running waters.

Witness trees…perhaps spirits, perhaps the Great Spirit Himself, Herself, seductively whispering…

Two new friends of mine find an arrowhead, a “tip”, a name aptly double-entendre’ed (sp?) this go round.

A tip.

Over a year ago they find this half, a fragment, nothing more, abandoned in a field.

They file it away.

Not knowing.

Faithful, if not explicitly realizing their role.

A year later, same place, save spirit time has rolled forward and changed the landscape, replaced their next clue, they walk down into their valley, the bustling place of tee pees, women and children camping, warriors coming in only at night after the days’ hard hunt. Dog soldiers coming down from the high bluff’s signal fires, hallucinogens, marker trees, council fires, holy spirits.

Looking down to the ground beneath their feet, these post-modern time travelers find another half an arrowhead…fine, detailed, delicate. Something that much time and Native care went into…the nurturing of a fine jewel from a flake of rock so rough its polished result is a surprise every time.

Not from here, are you?

This new tip fits the first one. A perfect match. God’s will be done.

The flat field by the creek has been plowed at least three times between tip one and tip two finally being reunited, what, from its breakup 300 to 10,000 years ago. No one, save the Great Spirit walking these woods could’ve predicted that outcome. “A God sent miracle,” a recently departed older brother would say.

A medicine man, himself.

One piece, useless alone.

Another piece. Where, hiding, lost, without function.


No one knew the long circle, the hundreds or thousands of years circle of loneliness and want, that these new friends brought back together, least of all the broken pieces themselves.

Who was the warrior who lost that tip?

What did its finding, its reuniting mean?

More than random.

More whispers.

More delusions.

Another message, this foggy morning…

I like most the God of resurrection, of healing. Brokenness as message. As a destiny. That’s a tough case to preach to the Penetekah camping far to our north, methinks, but this morning seems like I should try.

I hope they are well.

Delusion in these woods, in this country, though a path through the tangle to the treasure starts to become clear.

A beautiful point, arrowhead, Once Upon a Time, the Happily Ever After put back together. 
Reunited. Miraculous. Ready finally, and again, for its original purpose.

Its original, whispered lesson.
Native spirits speak.

Native Spirits listen.

Stay tuned…


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Carleton, Texas Historic Photos

Historic structures spotted in Carleton, Texas (Hamilton County, Just South of Stephenville/Alexander). If anyone has any historic info or more photos, please email me jeffclarktexas@gmail.com.

Kenneth Ray Farabee

Kenneth Ray Farabee passed from this life November 22 at his home in Austin. His mother was Annie Lee Sneed Farabee. A sister to Maude Sneed Falls.

The William M. Sneed family was living in Eastland county before 1900. Ray's obituary can be found online  From the Times Record News, Wichita Falls,Tx. or The Austin Statesman. 

Mr. Farabee lived a full and colorful life...he was of late a contributor to the Merriman Cemetery restoration...